Sponsored Athletes

Bryan Hartsel

"I've been hitting the gym regularly since 09. I started powerlifting regularly in 2017 when my buddy convinced me to do JP Prices meet that April. I pulled 365kg deadlift there as well as a 345 squat bare kneed and no belt. So far I've competed in 4 powerlifting competitions, including record breakers in 2017 and the IPL Tribute meet this last August. My best meet lifts include a 903 sleeved squat, 529 bench, and a 859 deadlift. My next comp is the Partyontheplatform meet that JB Boss is putting together at the end of this month. 

Other life adventures include getting married to my wife Kelsey in 2016. Also becoming a Squat 2 Depth sponsored athlete in 2018. Proud caretaker to our 4 cats. I'm the crazy cat guy."
Cody Maher
"I’m 25 years old.  I’ve been some type of athlete my entire life. I’ve played pretty much every highschool sport there is and went on to play a year of college football.  Leading into my sophomore year of college I was plagued with knee injuries and soon realized I actually enjoyed weight training much more than the actual sport of football. So I made the decision to stop playing and to do what I truly enjoyed; lift weights and build muscle.
For a while I just did the bodybuilding bro workouts but at the end of 2016 linked up with some local powerlifters.  Eager to compete in something again I figured I’d give powerlifting a shot.  Since then I’ve done one push/pull meet and two full power meets with a third right around the corner. 
My best meet lifts are a 666lb squat, 463lb bench and a 749lb deadlift.  For this next meet coming up my goal is a 2k total at 242lbs in knee sleeves. 
Powerlifting has had a huge positive impact on my life and my goal is to hopefully show others it can for them as well."
Logan Chapman
" My name is logan Chapman and I'm currently ranked #16 all-time SHW in the world in warps. I'm also ranked 3rd all-time as a junior in the SHW class in the world as well. I started in high as a bigger kid that wanted to get in shape but discovered my highschool had a powerlifting team! first, meet I did little over 7 years ago I totaled 1,185lbs at 275lbs BW. I have since gone on to total 2,285lbs at 330lbs BW with a 945lbs squat, 535lbs bench and an 805lbs deadlift at 23 years old. I have a goal and a dream to be the best powerlifter in the world and do whatever it takes to do so! my passion for this sport is vast and never-ending...I love this sport with everything I have and that's why I know I will be the best someday! I also do coaching and programming that has become a big passion in my life as well. I love helping people and making people the best and strongest selves they can be! I believe in what Dave Tate from Elite FTS has said: 'live, learn, pass on.' I live by that saying."